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Brian Spengler. I work with small to medium sized companies providing Computer, Network, Accounting, Manufacturing, Systems expertise. I support a wide variety of commercial computer applications, including Quickbooks, MultiCHAX, Peachtree (MAS 50), Accpac (MAS 300), PrintBoss, Avimark (Veterinary Software) plus all BASIC2C / KCML / WANG applications. I also provide Networking support; backup and Hipaa-compliant Disaster systems solutions; Web programming including ASP, Javascript, vbscript and PERL.

 Specific to NPL / KCML / BASIC2C

  • Programmer/Analyst specializing in Niakwa NPL / Basic2C & Kerridge KCML programming languages.
  • I can convert systems from Wang to NPL/KCML. NPL to KCML. KCML to NPL. Wang/NPL/KCML to VB.
  • I'm very hardware and network capable.  I sell, service and support most computer items.
  • I've worked with BASIC2 & variants since 1982.
  • I program in FORTRAN, COBOL, PASCAL, C, MASM, VB, Clarion, Alpha5 ( Alpha Five )
  • I've developed an EDI translator supporting ANSI X12 v 4010 transaction sets: 810, 850, 860, 869, 870, 830, 856, 180 & 997.  Fully integrated into order-entry, shipping & invoicing system. 1000 orders/day.
  • Senior programmer for MMS (Manufacturing Management System): fully-integrated manufacturing software with full inventory control, bill of materials, job costing, sales analysis, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, fixed assets, general ledger and financials.
  • I've Developed order processing system which generates ready-to-use UPS deliverytrac labels with certified barcodes.
  • Supported many custom-coded systems & projects, several home-grown.
  • Programming in custom code, TOM Speed (The Office Manager), KFAM, IDEAS, AIMS & AIMS API.
  • Very hardware capable.  I've installed turnkey systems for all major O/S(pc) platforms
  • Authored several communication programs: 2200 terminal emulation for PC, NPL & WANG. Several versions have a full featured scripting language and parser based on KERMIT syntax. Full support of Xmodem, Xmodem-1K & Ymodem.
  • I have full working knowledge of NIAKWA & KCML programming languages. I also know Wang BASIC2 and Wang BASIC (2200T version).
  • I developed an SQL module for NPL. Allowing dsn-less interaction with MS Access, MySQL, MS Excel files.
  • I developed a module to seamlessly add mouse integration to native NPL programs.
  1. I've written specialized solutions:
    bullet for the insurance industry: program to manage split dollar equity plan.
    bullet for lawyers' office: Trust management system for producing financial statements covering many options such as stocks, bonds, t-bill, cash, art work, rental income & real estate.
    bullet for marketing: Media tracking tool for use by firms that employ Rep agencies. Specialized reporting tracking "leads" progress by Rep companies.

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